Dance group Rokytí

Rokytí deals with scenic stylization of ethnographic material from the south-west of Bohemia and the region of Rokycany, it works with music and dance folklore. The current generation consists of 22 dancers at the age of 16 to 23 years. In November 2016 they will celebrate 15 years of dancing, singing, playing and spending time together – they just get on well while following our ancestors legacy.

Still as a children group Sluníčko they won the award of the 61st International Folklore Festival „Strážnice 2006“. They were regularly chosen from the Pilsner region for the national show of the children folklore groups. They were usually highly appreciated e.g. „for exemplary work with children and choreographical interpretation of the topic“ (in 2007), „for perfect dancing, singing and musical performance“ (in 2009) or „ for convincing dance-musical expression“ (in 2011).

Soubor písní a tanců Rokytí