Folk group Rokytí

In 2007 the folk group was founded, which consists of some Sluníčko dancers between 16 and 22 years of age, since 2015 they have worked and played as Rokytí. Zdeněk Vejvoda is the artistic leader, who also arranges the folk songs, Jakub Frühauf plays the first violin. Other music group members are: Martin Šantora, Veronika Vávrová (violins), Tina Skočilová (flute), Simona Hudecová, Tereza Vaňková (recorders), Ondřej Denk, Martin Mondek (clarinets), (bass). The group performs together with the singing section of the ensemble at concerts, festivals, social events and within the performences of the whole ensemble. They have accompanied their younger dance colleagues from the groups of Sluníčko, Malé Rokytí and Rokytička for several years.

In years 2010 and 2012 The Folk Group Sluníčko recorded some shots at the Czech Radio in Pilsen and they released a CD titled Pohlazení od Sluníčka (Stroke from Sluníčko). In August 2012 they appeared in a music programme on Noe TV.

Soubor Rokytí